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Part of the old historical province of Transylvania, Centru Region is located in central part of Romania. Centru Region was established by the Regional Development Law No. 151/1998, by the voluntary association of six counties that form the region: Alba, Braşov, Covasna, Harghita, Mureş şi Sibiu. Centru Region covers an area of ​​34,100 square kilometers and has a population of 2,520.240 inhabitants (July 1, 2011). Centru Regional Development Agency was founded in the same time with the Centru Region in 1998, by the Regional Development Law No. 151/1998 in order to implement regional development policies in the Centru Region. RDA CENTRU is the executive body of the Regional Development Board, deliberative structure of Centru Region. In the Regional Development Board are represented the presidents of the six County Councils from the region and the mayors of municipalities, towns and villages.

RDA Centru has contributed significantly in promoting the Covenant of Mayors, at the Centru Region level through ENESCOM project - 'European network of information centers in promoting sustainable energy and reducing CO2 emissions in local communities "- contract: IEE/09/667 / SI2.558230.

The strategy of CENTRU RDA is directed to support the adhesion to the Covenant objecties of the municipalities in our territory and to create policies and tools aiming to support in the next programming period the proper implementation of SEAP measures. 

Covenant Team Leader

    • Contact name: Ovidia Caba
    • Position: Covenant Team Leader